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An on-line community for the spirit of creativity in the future of game art and design.

This site is brought to you by Leonard Rivera, owner and Administrator. After many years of dreaming about becoming a professional artist in Digital Art and Animation,     I decided to enroll in an on-line college. Iím currently working towards a Bachelor of Science Degree in Gaming Art & Design at Westwood On-Line.

My fellow students and I recently discussed starting our own gaming company after graduation. The idea stirred up a lot of interest and excitement. I thought we could begin that journey here.

Some of you may find yourselves here looking for the old FEDCOMS site. Well, you found it, redesigned with a new purpose. I hope you enjoy it as much as youíve enjoyed my previous site(s). Our new focus is on up and coming students (my peers), their stories and ideas; a place to showcase our talent and realize our dreams.

The art work and ideas contained on this site is a result of our dedication and hard work unless otherwise stated.. We ask that you do not plagiarize anything contained herein without explicit written permission. If you like what you see, feel free to contact the individual responsible. Please respect our work.

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As we grow and learn, this site will grow. It is our goal to work with the greatest gaming companies if not to start one of our own. Join us in our journey.


Leonard Rivera

Last Updated 9/22/09