Here is my collection of audio content Iíve created. You can use it with permission meaning, let me know what you want to use, how you want to use it and where. For example, if you want to use it in a game or video project not for profit, I would simply like a copy of your game or project. If you are using this for profit, Iíd like a small percentage. Or donation, we can discuss. Otherwise, feel free to download and add to your own personal collection. Not saying itís good, I like it, but you may not. *shrug*. I will post more as I create it.

Iz Kool MP3

Slow MP3

Train Ride MP3

Beat Reserved MP3

DidJah MP3

Evasive MP3

Feelz Gewd MP3

Final Slay MP3

Funk Mind MP3

Funkuhdelik Psyko Mama MP3

Hollow Hed MP3

Indoctrination MP3

Bobbies vs Bobbies