Digital Illustration

The links that follow are my coursework assignments completed through my college education thus far. For each I will provide a brief description of the assignment (without plagiarizing my Westwood instructor) and present my completed assignment.

Week 1 - Connect-the-Dots Logo Tour, Interface Highlights, Getting Personal, and Navigational Features, Adam's Eye - These assignments were simply tutorials from our courseware book to help become familiar with Illustrator.

Week 2 - Various assignments from the text book to help us become familiar with using Illustrator shapes, then the last two were photos (we supply) to trace.

Week 3 - More assignments from the book we are asked to tweak colors- these book assignments are not our original work, they just contain some tweaks we are asked to do.

Week 4 - Recipe card assignment from textbook

Week 5 - Project 1 Super Hero design using a photo and Illustrator tracing techniques (Not Live Trace) as per specifications provided by instructor.

Week 6 - More textbook assignments learning Illustrator texturing and such.

Week 7 - More textbook assignments involving texturing.

Week 8 - More textbook assignments involving texturing and 3D. Also; our Project 2 mockup.

Project 2 - Product redesign and write up.