Game Club

I am currently an active member of the WOL IGDA Certified Game Developer’s club. You can find our website at

I am an artist for the club and this page will be used to showcase some of the work I’ve submitted.

They fall under different categories. I am an active member of the Artist roundtable and the weekly challenges.

I also take part in some team challenges for game development.

You can find my work here:

Artist Round Table Contributions:

Weekly challenge Contributions:

Other Contributions:

GAMASUTRA Club Challenge:Mock Parody Game - Concept Character Art.


GAMASUTRA New Weapon Concept.

TEAM Freshman Power

Asset & Environmental Art, Level Design & Implementation.



Game Art done for fellow club member Zach Way.

Concept Game Art Done for Brain Drain Games (me)

See Brain Drain Games Page for Gamemaker 7 Pro version of “Attack of the Zombie Fetuses” Version 1.0