Quirkface Games

Thought you'd all enjoy seeing a project being worked on. We have a demo out and am looking to develop further for X-Box Live.
We are students of Westwood On-line and members of the WOLIGDA Sponsored Game Development Club. Our team name is Quirkface Games.

Download Here: (PC) http://www.wolgameclub.org/Games/TrashBash/publish.htm
Watch Game play video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTmzxTQFsFk
Two Player game I demo solo.

Collect trash faster than your opponent and do your best to slow them down. 
(Player 1 Controls: wasd to move, z,x,c for weapons, space for tractor. P2 Controls: arrow keys to move, NumPad0 for tractor beam, Numpad1,4,7 for weapons)

*In game music (after first score) get pulled from your Windows Media Player library.

TrashBash is an original game designed and produced by Westwood On-Line IGDA Game Club team, Quirkface Games.

Programming in XNA by Zachary Way and Ashlea Dugan
Game Art (Concept to Completion) - Tyler Burks
Special Effects graphics and animations - Leonard Rivera
 Design Team: Zachary Way, Tyler Burks, Leonard Rivera, Ryan Goddard, Ashlea Dugan, Walter Moser.