Week 1

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Leonard Rivera

Instructor Name Omitted

Advanced Drawing and Perspective for Games

March 22, 2009

Game Environment

 The game I have in mind is called Final War. Itís a game that is so large in scope that I am working on making it from smaller chunks that will eventually fit together. The same holds true when it comes to the environment. My game environment will consist of 3 kingdoms. The kingdom or Heaven, the kingdom of Earth and the Kingdom of Hell are the 3 main battle areas of the game. Each of these breaks down in to their own environments with a lot of smaller still environments within those.

 For the purpose of this project, I am going to focus on an office building. I want it to be some kind of government facility with a garage in the basement. Iím no architect and could not possible hope to architect a full level design of the entire building. So, keeping it even smaller scale than that, I will focus on the parking garage and the first level of the building. This will give me the opportunity to create something I can draw my prop and vehicle in to later.

 The parking garage is nothing special; a driveway leads in from the street with a security outpost and barriers. The parking garage itself is average but clean. What youíd expect a parking garage to look like. I guess the same holds true for the first level or floor containing office spaces. The building will have at least 2 stair wells and elevator shaft to get from floor to floor. There are other ways but not without special skills or equipment. The first office level floor with consist of a cubical maze. By standing, you can see over the cubical dividers across the whole of the office space. By ducking or crawling, one can remain hidden from view as they navigate the maze of cubicles. The cubicles will contain a typical office desk setup with computers and file cabinets. There will be a lounge, conference room, kitchen and bathroom. This floor of the building will house the building management and security level. There is no access to the other levels without an access card. So the player will engage advisories here while trying to hack the computer system and program a key card with higher levels of access. Locating the computer and being as stealthy as possible; will be the key to success on this level. You will only be armed with Wendy, you trusty alter ego survival knife.

 Iíve worked in and continue to be employed in an office space environment so; I want my level to resemble the real thing as much as possible. Everything from Equal Opportunity Employer posters to sexual harassment posters will be hanging on the kitchen walls. There will be messy desks, printers and copy centers all around. The office space will be a key are to find extra items to use later in the game as well as be a place for renewable resources. Iíve never done anything like this before and am excited to take on a new challenge.


Photo References - Taken by Leonard rivera

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