Week 3

Week 3: Game Concept Ideas - Click here to return to Intro to Game Dev.

This week you should submit three game ideas as per specifications provided by instructor.


My Assignment:

Leonard Rivera


Introduction to Game Development

August 24, 2008

3 Game Ideas

Final War:

 Armageddon has arrived; humanity is being torn in two, our survival is whatís at stake. Angels and Demons descend upon the holy land in the Middle East. Each one gathering soldiers for their side and jump starting the final war to end all wars. Whatever side you choose will influence the gameís finale. You can switch sides throughout the game in order to complete certain missions. This game will encompass many genres; it will be loaded with puzzles, combat, obstacles and strategic choices for the player character to make. All of these will be combined in a first and third person shooter (playerís choice in game to switch between the two) with the capability to zoom out to birdís eye view when in third person mode. It will target ages 18 + and have parental controls for graphics.


 This is a simple, arcade style game hybrid between the classics Pac-Man and Breakout. Pac-Man replaces the ball in breakout and you control the paddle. Bounce pack man up to moving platforms so he can eat pellets, when he falls off the other side of the moving platform, be sure to bounce him back up or youíll lose a life. Watch out for the ghosts dropping down from the ceiling, touch one and you lose a life unless you happen to grad a power up pellet which changes the ghost blue and allows you to eat them within a certain time frame. Catch a ghost with your paddle and bounce him back up to the platforms will turn him blue forever, or until you eat him or miss him with the paddle whichever comes first. This game is designed to change levels as you clear them by eating all pellets on the board. The game challenges you by getting faster and faster with more difficult platforms to reach and smarter ghosts. It is geared for all ages.


This game will present many safety challenges for children to work their way through; A house fire, Mommy is sleeping, Grand Pa fell down, stranger at the door, and finally the phone call. Each challenge will open up with a basic tutorial of how to play the game and teach some very important safety tips at the same time. A fire in the house will present obstacle courses in door with specific things the player has to accomplish in order to get themselves and their family out of the house safely. Mommy is sleeping will present some challenges where the child finds themselves unable to wake up mommy. They will need to over-come a phone left off the hook someplace else in the house, find the phone book, call 911, or a neighbor, or a family member. Many different choices will be allowed. Grand Pa fell down will be similar to Mommy is sleeping; however they will be distracted by Grand Pa shouting instructions and under time constraints. And finally, the phone call, where different types of phone calls are placed to the house and the child is asked to pick up the phone by a parent that is busy. Multiple choices will present and test the childís ability to communicate properly given family emergencies, strangers asking questions, amongst many others. None of these games will have fatalities or penalties. They will be geared towards younger children and to succeed will be a matter of making fewer mistakes. When a child fails a challenge, it will be simple mistakes that can be corrected with more tutorials. Parents will be encouraged to reward the children for games well played.

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